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12k, a perfect circle, achilles/briseis, aeromancy, alice in wonderland, amoralism, amorality, anarchy, angel sanctuary, anime, anti-censorship, arguing-in-defense-of-whatever-it-is-you-hate, art nouveau, avoiding rl, baroque style, bastard!draco, being evil, being-indecisive-for-the-sake-of-being-difficult, big love, black, black and white films, black books, bloc party, breaking social norms, byakuya kuchiki, cats, chaos theory, codes, colour red, converting-nuns-to-satanism, darklord!potter, dead can dance, debating-in-history-class, devouring books whole, discordianism, doe deer, doing-the-dark-lord's-bidding, draco/hermione, ergo proxy, eric northman, eva green, facts, fiction, foreplay, friedrich nietzsche, gilgamesh, grimmjow/rukia, hakuouki, hard and fast, i-love-you-but-i've-chosen-darkness, imax, insanity-sending-love-notes-to-sanity, jeremy irons, john ralston saul, joy division, juliet marillier, kim wilkins, letter a, letter v, mary renault, michael pitt, mindfuckery, mocking the stupid, monarchy, morbid-sense-of-humor, morning air, mysql, mythology, neon genesis evangelion, new-young-pony-club, night, nihilism, ominous latin titles, paladins, peter/susan, php, placebo, plying-my-wares-on-a-corner-in-knockturn-alley, plzkthx, polyandry, portishead, punting gnomes & hobbits, quoting-weird-facts-at-inappropriate-moments, rain, red-flags-and-long-nights, riddles, ritual magic, sarcasm, she wants revenge, sherry & giggles, shiny things, shits & giggles, slytherin boys & girls, sock puppetry, sophism, spartacus/ilithyia, subtext, subverting-the-course-of-destiny, supersparkly!edward, swtor, tea no sugar, teacup/saucer, the dark arts, the knife, the strokes, the xx, the-misadventures-of-bill-kaulitz's-hair, theodore nott, tl;dr, tony/maxxie, trapt, tristan/rory, ulquiorra, v.a.s.t, vigilantism, villains, virgin black, wall!sex, weasleycest-the-original-obhwf, white rose movement, witch hunter robin, world of warcraft, zero kiryuu
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